Saturday, December 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Holiday Events

Week #51 – Holiday Events

Week 51. Holiday Events. Where did your family gather for the Christmas or Hanukkah as a child? Which family members and friends attended the event?
This challenge runs from Saturday, December 17, 2011 through Friday, December 23, 2011.

 Wow, can you believe we're already at week #51?! 

My family mostly stayed at home for the holidays.  We mostly gathered at the house, which was small, so it was a good thing our family wasn't large.  I have only two brothers, both younger than me, so it was just five of us (and the dog).  We did go to my paternal grandparents' house in Yankton, South Dakota, for Christmas a couple of times, I think only before my youngest brother was born.  Their house wasn't much bigger, but it was neater with just my grandparents living there, so it felt roomier.

Once we started finding girlfriends, things got a bit more crowded at home, but it never got overcrowded until all of us boys got married and started having kids.  Now, it's hard to do, with the five of us, plus my three kids, plus my brother's seven kids.  That house really isn't set up for that many people, especially when half of them are rambunctious youngsters.

I do recall having a couple of holidays at a nearby hotel, but I think those might have been Thanksgivings. 

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