Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On This Day - November 28

Today I am beginning a series of (hopefully) daily posts of things that happened in my families on the particular date.  This is useful and interesting in a few ways.

First, it's classic "cousin bait", and that's the main reason I'm posting it.  Hopefully others searching for these people will come up with them in their searches and contact me, either looking for additional information, or to provide me with information or corrections.

Second, it's interesting to see how far back I have been able to find details for people in my tree.  When I started doing family history, I was handed information on my family up to a "brick wall" beyond which it was not possible to find information due to a court house fire.  Other lines had more or less data, but all eventually ran into dead ends.   When I began researching my in-laws, I was told nobody remembered much of it, and there wasn't much information around.  I have since found some extensive records, including abundant old photographs, from many of my lines and my in-laws.

Have you tried doing this sort of "On This Day..." list with your family data?  How did you do it - what tools did you use to create the list?  Did you discover things you had forgotten about your ancestors, or found interesting events you didn't remember you had documented?

On This Day...

1769 - Death: Joannes Zwilling, Wallenborn, Eifel, Germany
1772 - Birth: Sarah Laramore, Edgefield County, South Carolina
1833 - Birth: Samuel Straughan, Grantsburg, Crawford County, Indiana
1875 - Birth: Samuel Joseph Cox, Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois
1886 - Birth: Katherina Schreifels, Saint Nicholas, Stearns County, Minnesota
1891 - Birth: Selena Azalee Courtney, Holden, Livingston Parish, Louisiana
1904 - Birth: Victor William Hengel, Saint Joseph, Minnesota
1908 - Death: Willis Marion Dark, Chatham County, North Carolina
1918 - Death: James Leeward McMurry, Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana
1931 - Death: Ralph Waldo Loe,
1980 - Death: Eleanor Schreifels,
1989 - Death: Yancie Virginia Holley, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana
1997 - Death: Hubert M. Fruth, Waite Park, Stearns County, Minnesota

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