Saturday, June 22, 2013

On This Day - June 22nd

On This Day...

1687 - Death: Allis Butcher, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1724 - Death: Thomas Finson, Fox Harbor, Penobscot County, Maine
1824 - Birth: Mary Jane Booker,
1835 - Birth: Henry Austin, Sheffield, Lorain County, Ohio
1894 - Death: Carrie Belle East,
1898 - Birth: Albert Marth Hengel, Saint Joseph, Stearns County, Minnesota
1905 - Residence: Peter Hubert Ludwig, Krain
1905 - Residence: Henry Ludwig, Krain
1905 - Residence: Joseph W. Middendorf, Millwood
1905 - Residence: Friedrich Henry Middendorf, Millwood
1905 - Residence: Eurelia Middendorf, Millwood
1905 - Residence: Maria Westendorf, Millwood
1905 - Residence: Henry Middendorf, Millwood
1915 - Death: Nicholas John Steichen, Maine Prairie Township, Stearns County, Minnesota
1924 - Death: Sarah Jane Higginbotham,
1925 - Death: Johanna Sophia Augusta Andert, Belle Plaine, Scott, Minnesota
2001 - Death: Celestine Michael Zwilling, Waite Park, Stearns County, Minnesota

Also on this day, the birth of my spouse.  Happy birthday, dear!

Also on this day, the day and year of this posting, the marriage of my niece, Jenna Marie Schmitt, to her fiance' David Feeney.  Congratulations, you two!  I need to talk with David about adding his family line...

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