Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On This Day - November 26th

On This Day...

1754 - Birth: Elizabeth Smith, Granby, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1794 - Birth: Rhoda Day, Sheffield, Lorain County, Ohio
1801 - Alternate Death: William Darke, Virginia
1812 - Birth: Matilda Austin, Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
1824 - Birth: Mary Henderson (Polly) Landiss, Crawford County, Indiana
1838 - Birth: John Wesley Belcher,
1868 - Birth: Francis Neoma Branch, Winn Parrish, LA
1871 - Birth: Bert Mederick Beaudreau, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
1889 - Death: Robert Scott, Marengo, Crawford County, Indiana
1899 - Birth: Henry Middendorf, Stearns County, Minnesota
1902 - Birth: Herbert Otto Watry, North Ottawa Township, Grant County, Minnesota
1919 - Birth: Viola Rose Theisen, Fairhaven Township, Stearns County, Minnesota
1959 - Marriage: Vernon Joseph Theisen and Carol Ann Meyer, Stearns, Minnesota
1966 - Marriage: LeVern Kotschevar and Dorothy Vivian Orcutt, Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota
1989 - Burial: Malcolm Henry Steichen, St. Boniface Cemetery, Cold Spring, Stearns County, Minnesota

 And very happy birthdays to my brothers-in-law, Paul and Gary!

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