Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ol' Myrt's Organization Crusade

Today is May 1st, and that means another "Get Organized" post from Ol' Myrt over at Dear Myrtle's Genealogy Blog.

Today she talks about Mayday back in the 1950's, and heirloom documents and fabric items collected over the decades.  

She finishes out by asking us to post about what we're doing to get organized this year.  Well, as I type this, we're having a family shredding party!  We're going through boxes of old documents, and shredding about 99% of it to get rid of the clutter.  That counts, right?  Most of it is old bills, cancelled checks (remember checks?) and such, things that could have been disposed of many years ago.  A few items have come up that we've decided to keep, like an old card from a good friend.  I also scanned the cover of the menu from the Bull & Finch Pub in Boston, Massachusetts, that we got when we visited in 1990.  The Bull & Finch was the exterior location for the Cheers TV show, back in the day, and was located right on Boston Common.  I scanned it, as I don't really need to keep the paper to keep that memory.

What are you doing to organize your files?