Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Blog-less!

More SNGF from Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings!   Mine is late because I was working and did not see Randy's post until this morning...

Hey genea-philes - it's Saturday Night - time for lots more Genealogy Fun!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) We all know that Blogger ( was down for 20 hours from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning. What did you do with yourself during that time period?

2) If we lost our blogging platforms for awhile (but not the Internet as a whole), what would you do with your genealogy time? What projects would you start, continue working on, or try to finish instead of blogging?

3) Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment on this post, or in a status thread on Facebook.

Here's mine:

The Blogger meltdown actually did affect me, as I had a Treasure Chest Thursday post I wanted to send out.  I tried various times over the course of the day to send it.  Even after someone (Randy?) posted on Friday morning that Blogger was once again working, I couldn't post.  It took me a bit to figure out that I needed to get out completely and come back in, then my post worked.

So, to follow the SNGF challenge, what did I do?  Well, I did spend some time trying to figure a way around the problem, to no avail.  Then I gave that up and found other, mostly non-genealogical, things to do.  I'm not retired, so I do have to work daily, and have kids with activities I must attend.  I did those things instead of any genealogy work.  Second, I've been guilty in the past of poor research, accepting a lot of information on  faith from other people's work, without proper documentation.  We've all done it at some point, it's human nature to take easy data at face value, and rely on it far too much in place of real documentation.  I'm now working to correct this by reviewing and researching the proper documentation to verify that what I had is correct.  Some of it has been proven out, while other bits have been proven to be false, or at least, not entirely correct. 

If I were unable to blog for a while, I would simply use that time to improve my database - either through pushing my lines back further, or by searching for documentation to improve the quality of my data.  Actually, that latter activity is where I've been spending more time lately, for two reasons.  First, my lines go back pretty far as it is, far enough to make further discovery quite difficult.  All of the lines go back to Europe a couple of centuries or more back, and really effective research would require travel to various places for hands-on digging into parish records and such.  As I'm not loaded with money, this won't be happening anytime soon.