Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Bucket List

Are you ready for Saturday Night, and more Genealogy Fun??  I hope so!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

Knowing that a "Bucket List" is a wish list of things to do before death:

1)  What is on your Genealogy Bucket List?  What research locations do you want to visit?  Are there genea-people that you want to meet and share with?  What do you want to accomplish with your genealogy research?  List a minimum of three items - more if you want!

2)  Tell us about it in a blog post of your own (please give me a link in Comments), a comment to this post in Comments, or a status line or comment on Facebook.

Think big!  Have fun!  Life is short - do genealogy first!  

This is way old, but I wasn't able to do it when Randy first put it out there.  Kind of like Genealogy, we do it when we can, even if it's not when we would like to.

1)  I've never made a Bucket List for anything, so I've got to do a little thinking. 

   A)  I need to visit several locations in Louisiana to research my maternal lines.  I've not been down there since I was about 14 years old, before the genealogy bug bit me.  I think I'd appreciate it more now, even without the genealogy aspect.
   B)  I'd really like to visit Germany to research my lines there, and my wife's lines as well.  Late in 2009 I had an opportunity to go with the Dillman Family Association on a research junket, but I was unemployed and could not afford to go.  I saw some of the reports they did, and now I'm even more sad I couldn't make it.
   C)  I'd like to visit the UK to research those lines.  My first immigrant ancestor in the US was Robert Day, who sailed from Ipswich on the Elizabeth, landed at Massachusetts and soon pioneered with the initial group to what is now Hartford, CT.  For that matter, I could use a research trip to Hartford, and Sheffield, MA, and any of several other places in that region.
   D)  I really need to step up my documentation game.  I've been getting better in that aspect, but for many years I was playing the "Let's see how many names, how far back we can add!" game.  Now I need to go back and fill in the blanks.  This is going to require more outlay of money than I've had available for a few years, for travel and for document copying and for online access to digital repositories. 

2) I'm as connected to genea-people as I need to be online.  That said, I would be happy to meet some at a conference some time, but conferences are not high on my agenda. 

3)  I'm doing this to get a decently researched, documented family tree put together for posterity.  Most of my family are not terribly interested, but it needs to be done now before more records are lost.  It needs to be done now, when I have an interest in doing it, since no one else is putting the effort into it.  I'm doing this for my descendants, so they will have the information.  So they can follow on and improve what I'm starting.  I'm also doing it for me, so I can know where I come from, what kind of people, where they lived and what they did.  Knowledge for its own sake is a nice thing to have. 

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