Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun With Keywords

Ever wonder how people get to your blog?  I do.  And the stats only show so much.  But here's a list of recent Search keywords used to find this blog:

catherine undersander

 Catherine was one of my wife's ancestors.  Wonder which of her cousins might be looking for her?  I'll never know, they didn't contact me.

Well, that's a no-brainer, it's the URL of the blog.  

"frank milo day"

 This is interesting, because Frank Day and Milo Day were both ancestors on my paternal grandmother's line.  But I have no Frank Milo Day.  Someone making a shortcut search?  They never contacted me for more information.  Which is a shame, because I could use more information about both Frank and Milo.

chevrolet spectrum two door

 This came from one of the  52 Weeks series, about cars you've owned.  Not necessarily even a genealogy-related search.

vw van in germany circa 1943

I'm not sure where this came from, except I've probably mentioned I once owned and drove a 1979 VW microbus.  But it wasn't in 1943!

bells in my head cover


car for sale in usa gms hieberd

I have no idea what a gms hieberd is, but apparently someone wants to buy one.

dillman's beach indiana

This looks like a place I'd like to visit next time I go to Indiana. There are relatively many Dillmans in Indiana, but many are not connected to my line.

durand sheffield ohio

Celia Durand married into my Day line, and that line does indeed have connections to Sheffield, Ohio.  Hey cousin?  Why didn't you contact me?  I've got questions... and maybe some information for you!

importing ftmb files into family tree maker

Wait, what?  Sorry, I've not done much with FTM since way back, at least 5 years, and I was no expert with it then, either.

Note: If your searches take you to a blog that looks like it might have some information, by all means, contact the author!  Not every bit of data they have makes it into the blog!

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