Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun With Search Keywords

It seems I've had a slight rash of people searching for things and being directed to my blog in the past few days, so I'm going to take another look at the search terms that brought them here.

"dillman cemetery" crawford, indiana
This is a small cemetery in Crawford County, Indiana, near the little don't blink or you miss it village of Curby.  This is where many of my Dillman ancestors are buried, and I've made several trips there to photograph stones.   Whoever you are, did you find what you are looking for on my blog?  If you contact me, I might have more information for you...

"dillman" crawford, indiana
 Again, many of my Dillman ancestors lived in Crawford County, Indiana.  Some Dillmans still live there.  I have not yet contacted any of them, or any of my collateral lines tied into the Dillmans there.  I'm not very outgoing when it comes to contacting people I don't know.  I'm very open to you contacting me, however!

st. cloud mn 1987

I'm not sure what they were searching for, as I left St. Cloud early in 1987 to enlist in the US Navy.  I didn't return to St. Cloud until very late in 1992.
1986 chevrolet celebrity

I'm guessing this was somewhat related to the 52 Weeks of Genealogy article about cars.  I had a Spectrum, not a Celebrity, so this doesn't line up that well.
brick wall in a tree

I feel your pain.  I have a number of these! One was recently cleared up by a chance contact on, dealing with my maternal lines.  We had most of the pieces, but no idea how they fit together.  Someone provided the picture.  Now I just need to document it better.
brick wall trees

 See above.
carolyn dillman indiana /facebook

I don't know who Carolyn is.  We might even be related, although there are other Dillman lines from Indiana not tied to mine.
funeral cards

Were you just checking out the ones I've posted, or did you have some specific ones in mind?  
Were you looking for reviews?  I did write about it a bit when they released it.  They've since sent me an update that is supposed to work with MyHeritage GEDCOM exports, but I have not yet had a chance to try it out.  I expect I'll post again when I do.

The URL of the blog.  This tells me someone was searching for the blog itself, which pleases me as I know someone is reading it!  I don't think many bloggers like writing in a vacuum, so hearing from readers is usually a good thing.  I'm no exception.  Feel free to comment!

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