Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fun With Search Terms

It's time for another round of Fun With Search Terms, or How Did I Get Here?

This week brings a longer list than usual, with some terms I've never seen with my blog before.

st cloud mn 1979 (3 searches)

Well, I've certainly mentioned St. Cloud, Minnesota on several occasions.  I'm not sure why the 1979 connection is there. Did you find what you were looking for, anonymous searcher?

vikings logo (3 searches)

Really?  I guess I might have mentioned the Minnesota Vikings at some point, but I don't recall discussing their logo.

geo spectrum (2 searches)

Who keeps searching for this ancient car? 

military cloud computing diagrams (2 searches)

Hm.  This is a bit more interesting.  I've discussed Cloud Computing, and I've mentioned both my and other family members' military service, but I've never put that all together like this.  I'm betting that whoever made this search didn't find what they were looking for on my blog.
"steve morse" 1940 census

Well, at least this one appears to be genealogy-related!  Unfortunately, the 1940 census is not yet available, and I have no idea who Steve Morse is, or was. 
1917 ration book
This one could also be genealogy-related, or maybe just historical interest.  I posted images of several ration books.  Mine were from World War II, not World War I, so whoever made this search didn't find what they were looking for on my site.      

busing routes in st. cloud mn
Seriously?  I get the St. Cloud connection, as I've said before, but what kind of poorly constructed search would bring this query to MY blog, or how many pages down the list of hits did you have to go to find this page?
database arlington national cemetery
Ah!  I did mention the teenager who is digitizing graves in Arlington, earlier this year.  Hopefully the searcher got at least something worthwhile from my post, if only a pointer to another source with more information.

Did you intend to run the words together?  Are the results significantly different than with the space between them?  Were you looking for specific examples, or were mine enough to show you what a funeral card is?
george bush genealogy

Well, there's the genealogy link, and I did just mention George Bush in a recent post, but I think that they must have been disappointed by where they landed on my blog.  I don't have anything connected to George Bush's genealogy.  Sorry!

That's it for this time, a longer list, but more frustrating as none of them even hint at a connection.  I'm beginning to despair of any cousins out there ever finding me...

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