Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Posts of 2011

Seems like many bloggers are doing a Top Ten list, like many other people.  Since I've been blogging for just a few days shy of a full year now, I decided to take a look at my own blog's top ten posts by page views.  I must admit to being a little surprised at some of these.

#10: Week #1 – New Year’s Memories - One of my very first posts made the top ten.  I'm not sure why.  You'd think, being an early post, that it might be rough.  It might have been that some early publicity generated a spike in traffic back when I had relatively few posts in the can, which might have artificially inflated this.

#9: How Do You Follow Blogs? - An interesting question, to be sure, but I was looking to better understand my audience and how they were receiving my blog.  If there was one thing I was looking for from this post, it was more feedback.  It didn't generate anywhere near as many comments as page views.

#8: A Brick Wall In My Tree - A perpetually interesting subject for genealogy folks!  I posted this hoping for someone to come forward with information I don't have.  It hasn't happened yet.

#7: Dropbox Warning! - Everybody and their brother are singing the praises of Dropbox, and I'll agree, the concept is brilliant and very useful.  But no one is talking about the downsides, and so I did.

#6: Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - This was the one where You Might Be A Genealogist If...  And apparently I came up with a few that people liked.  Much thanks to Randy Seaver for running his SNGF meme!

#5: Tech Tuesday - Digitizing With Cameras, Part I - This one didn't surprise me much, as I knew it had generated a lot of traffic.  What surprises me more is that Part II didn't make the Top Ten.  People are very interested in ways to digitize their hard copy records and artifacts.

#4: Genealogy Software Devs: It's MY Data! - This one arose from the flap over some of the changes genealogy software and site vendors were making, plus the issue of how they handle the GEDCOM "standard".  I still believe vendors need to be more cognizant that the data I put in their products is MY data, and I should be able to dictate who has access and what happens to it.

#3: Cloud Genealogy - On the same lines as my Dropbox post is an earlier post about Cloud Computing in general, with a discussion about what the Cloud is and how it works.  This one was right after a major Blogger outage, when a bunch of geneabloggers were griping about that.

#2: Maritime Monday - Aboard Ship - An anomaly!  This is the only non-verbose post to make the list.  This one was just a picture of my paternal grandfather on board his ship, and a brief caption.

And finally we reach...

#1: Open Thread Thursday - Copyright - Who would have thought?  This was a major issue at the time, thus the Open Thread.  I'm not a copyright expert, nor a lawyer like James Tanner, but as a photographer I've had some experience dealing with copyright both from a content producer and a content consumer perspective.  Hopefully it was helpful to someone!

Thank you, dear readers, for sticking with me through my first year of blogging!  I plan to continue for the foreseeable future, and I hope you'll come along for the ride.  If there's anything you'd like to see me cover, let me know in the comments or via e-mail, and I will do my best to provide information and insight.

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