Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Do You Follow Blogs?

Note: There's no new content here, only a question: How do you follow blogs? 

Do you read them as separate websites, one by one? 

Do you follow blogs using a reader such as Google Reader?

Do you get your blogs on the go with a smartphone?

I am somewhat curious as to how you read my blog.  I have enabled the mobile template for Blogger, and tested it using an Android-based smartphone.  It seems to be working fine, so if you have one of those gadgets, you might want to give it a whirl. 

I tend to follow blogs using Google Reader, as it aggregates all of my reading choices in one spot, making it very convenient to follow a larger number of blogs.  On the other hand, I do miss out on some formats of items in blogs that don't translate well to the Google Reader format.  Then I either have to choose to visit the blog directly to get the content as intended by the writer, or do without the specially formatted material and hope I didn't miss something important.

Before Google Reader, I visited each blog I wanted to read directly.  This has the benefit of getting the material as designed and intended by the writer, but has the drawback of needing to manually visit each blog separately.  It takes longer.  It's not as convenient.

Please take a minute and leave a comment letting me know how you read my blog.  I'm wondering if I need to pay more attention to mobile formatting, or if I should be more alert to formatting that doesn't work with Google Reader and other similar aggregators.