Thursday, June 9, 2011

GenDetective Update #2

For being in attendance at the Jamboree, the tech support folks at Rumblesoft, Inc. sure are responsive!  I the support is this good when they're out, it should be truly awesome when they're in the office.

Per my post earlier today, I sent a copy of my GEDCOM file produced by Myheritage so the folks at Rumblesoft could try to figure out why it wasn't working with the newly released GenDetective product.  I was unsurprised to hear back from them that GEDCOM files produced by MyHeritage are not currently supported.  However, they do say that they are working with the MyHeritage team to get support added. 

I was offered two choices: either 1) wait for the support to be added (estimated to be the end of the month) or 2) let Rumblesoft connect to my computer and tweak my installation of GenDetective with a test version that would (hopefully) allow the MyHeritage-created GEDCOM file to import properly.  They also included two report files generated by using my data, which let me get a sneak peak at some of what I could expect to get from GenDetective when it's working properly for me.

Well, being 1) not always patient, and 2) an IT professional of some experience, I replied that I am willing to go the test route.  I am now waiting to hear from them to arrange the tweaking.  I will post more as things happen on my end.