Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Pajama Party

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has another challenge for us tonight!

It's Saturday Night -- time for more Genealogy Fun!!

Of course, I'm at Jamboree and completely forgot about writing this post until someone said "what's our Genealogy Fun tonight?"

Tonight at Jamboree is the Geneabloggers Pajama Party, and everyone knows that fun folks play games at their pajama parties.  So, for SNGF tonight:

1)  Play "two truths and a lie."  Tell us three facts about your family history -- two have to be true and one has to be a lie.

2)  Put them on your own blog post, in a Facebook status or in a comment on this blog.  Ask readers to guess which one is a lie.

3)  After one day, be sure to put the right answer as a comment to your blog. or Facebook status.

Thank you to Susan Kitchens for suggesting this topic.  We're going to play it tonight at the Geneablogger pajama party too!

Okay, here's my three "facts":

  • My paternal great-grandfather was adopted by his maternal grandfather.
  • One of my paternal ancestors was a very early settler of Hartford, CT.
  • One of my paternal ancestors was an officer in the Luftwaffe.
Okay, now which one of those is not true?  Put your guess in the comments below, or post it in your own blog!

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