Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Would You Grab?

Kerry Scott over at Clue Wagon posted this interesting question:

Your house is in fire.  Your loved ones are safely out.  You have time to grab only one thing. 
What do you grab?  Why?
Wow!  This is a very tough question for most people, as every thing you think of  leads to other things, and you get stuck deciding which is most valuable to you.

I'm torn between grabbing the stack of my grandmother's photo albums (it's a neat stack, as easy to grab as one individual album, so I'm counting the stack as one object), most of which are still waiting to be scanned, or my computer, which has all of my other data, and is never quite as well backed up as I might want.  Or maybe the binder with grandma's hand-written memoirs?  Those still need to be transcribed.  Never mind the shelves full of books, some of them first editions.  Never mind clothes, or food, or furniture, those can be replaced.  What about the lockbox full of important papers? 

I  hate this kind of question, as I never feel like I can make a satisfactory answer.  Any way I choose, I lose something irreplaceable of great value to me, and I don't like that feeling.  In reality, I'd probably risk life and limb to get more stuff out of the fire.

So, your turn!  Post a comment here on how you would answer that question, or make a blog post if you prefer.  What do you grab?  Why?