Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Answer!

Yesterday I posted for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, three "facts" from my family data; two of those facts were correct, and one was false. Did you guess?

Here were the "facts" I gave:
  • My paternal great-grandfather was adopted by his maternal grandfather.
  • One of my paternal ancestors was a very early settler of Hartford, CT.
  • One of my paternal ancestors was an officer in the Luftwaffe.
My paternal great-grandfather, Clyde Taylor Dillman, was indeed adopted by his grandfather, Peter Dillman, after his mother Jemimah Hattie Dillman died when he was only a few months old.  In fact, I have mentioned this several times in the past on this blog.

One of my paternal ancestors, Robert Day, was indeed a very early settler of Hartford, CT.  He sailed from Ipswich, England in 1634 on the bark, Elizabeth, arriving in Boston, MA.  He was made Freeman there on 6 May 1635, and then moved to Hartford with the pioneering group.  He is listed on the Founders Memorial there.  An original proprietor at Hartford, his home lot in 1639 was on the road from Centinel Hill to the North Meadow near the junction of the streets now Main and Village Streets.  He died at Hartford in 1648 and is buried in at Cemetery Church Center.

So far as I know, none of my relatives was ever in the Luftwaffe.  In fact, my lines all crossed the Atlantic a long time before the Luftwaffe came to be.  So the false "fact" was the last one.

Were you right?

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