Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On This Day - March 12th

On This Day...

1670 - Birth: Margaret Kleiner, Strassen, Luxembourg
1703 - Marriage: Benjamin Chapman and Mary Margaret Copeland, Isle of Wight, Virginia
1715 - Birth: Daniel Moody, East Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1764 - Birth: Johann Heinrich Kunkel, Neuhutten, Germany
1822 - Birth: Theophilus Branch, Marion, Mississippi
1829 - Marriage: James W. Hubbard and Rebecca Batman, Harrison County, Indiana
1897 - Birth: Josephine Vondra, Hyde, South Dakota
1897 - Residence: Marie Sedlacek, Hyde, South Dakota
1897 - Residence: John Vondra, Hyde, South Dakota
1918 - Death: James Albert Gaar, Jonesboro, Louisiana
2005 - Death: Bernard Joseph Steichen, Litchfield, Meeker County, Minnesota

Have you been watching for deaths in 1918-1919?  There have been a few sprinkled in.  Were they caused by the Great Influenza Epidemic?  It’s possible!  I don’t think I have documentation on anyone dying from flu in that time, but my documentation is hardly where it should be.


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