Monday, March 4, 2013

On This Day - March 4th

On This Day...

1635 - Death: Thomas Rush, Boreham, Essex, England
1665 - Birth: John Darke, Chipping, Gloucestershire, England
1783 - Birth: Elizabeth Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1793 - Birth: Willis Dark, Chatham County, North Carolina
1807 - Death: Peter Martin, Clay Village, Shelby County, Kentucky
1835 - Birth: Gunnar Turtedalen, Lardal, Norway
1844 - Alternate Birth: Theodore Keppers, Pronsfeld, Kreis Prum, Germany
1844 - Birth: Theodore Keppers, Pronsfeld, Kreis Prum, Germany
1844 - Birth: Lucy Keppers, Pronsfeld, Kreis Prum, Germany
1860 - Birth: Daniel Morgan Miller, Nephi, Juab County, Utah
1862 - Birth: Jakob Watry, Hupperdingen, Luxembourg
1895 - Birth: Talmadge Dewitt Dark, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1930 - Death: Pamelia B. Stoner,
1949 - Death: Agusta Kronze, Minnesota

Possible twins born in 1844?  Again, I don’t have source documents for these folks, as they are overseas.  Someday when I’m wealthy I will buy into all of the repositories I can find…

UPDATE 10/19/2013: As I've gone through these posts, I keep looking at the 1918/1919 death dates for possible Influenza Epidemic victims.  I recently found an obituary for Mayme A. (Wilson) Dillman that claims she died of influenza on this date, and that her husband Ernest E. Dillman died of it the following day.  It also states that all four of their daughters had it, but survived, and were taken in my Ernest's parents, Joseph and Nettie Dillman.  Now that only leaves me wondering why Ernest E. Dillman did not appear in this list!  Maybe he's on tomorrow's list?

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