Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Social Media

Once again it's Saturday, and that means it's time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun courtesy of Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings blog.

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1)  Go to Jill Ball's Geniaus blog post describing A Small Social Media Geneameme.  Note the 8 questions. 

2)  Answer one, two, some or all of the questions in your own blog post, in comments to this post, in comments to Jill's post, in a Facebook Status post, or a Google+ Stream post.

Here's mine:

1. Tell us about your favorite social media tool and why you like it.
Randy said "Blogging", but I consider that a little different than Social Media.  As most people think of it, Social Media is things that let people easily connect and interact, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so forth.  While blogging allows some of that, it's designed more for a one-way dissemination of information, and commenting back is more difficult.  So, my answer is... None of them.  They all have pros and cons, none are perfect.  I use a number of different Social Media outlets on a daily basis, but none I would claim as a favorite.

2. How do you use social media to further your genealogy career or business?
Like Randy, I don't have a career or business in genealogy.  I'm an IT professional by training and most of my working life.  I use Social Media to further my genealogy in part by blogging, as Randy does, but also in looking for others to contact.  In fact, I don't currently use Social Media for genealogy much at all, unless one follows Randy's position that blogging is Social Media.  Even so, my blogging is inconsistent in frequency and content.  I'm not retired like some of the more prolific geneabloggers, so time is not always available for it.

3. What advice would you give the cruiser who said “I must be living under a rock” and is not sure about coming out from under it? (This came from my Social Media presentation)

Since I wasn't on the cruise, I'll answer that as an IT professional, I frequently meet people who are uninvolved in various aspects of technology, including Social Media.  I consider it part of my profession to provide some information and education to those who need it when they ask for it.  So a person making that comment to me would likely get some introductory information from me, followed by answers to some questions they might have.

4. What aspect of Social Media makes you grit your teeth?

While I can see and even agree with Randy's choice (the political mudslinging on Facebook), I have to say what bothers me most is that we have absolutely NO control over what happens to what we post.  Our only option is to not post something if we want to be sure who can and cannot see it.  Even if the service in question currently allows us to control said information, there is no guarantee they will continue to allow us that control in the future.  This is closely related to why I do NOT recommend Cloud Storage.

5. How does social media assist with your CGD (continuing genealogical development)?

I get ideas for blog posts.  In fact, I'm currently running an On This Day... series I found through Social Media as cousin bait.  I also enjoy reading a number of geneabloggers on a regular basis.

6. How do you fit social media time into your busy day?
I always have numerous tabs open in my browser(s).  Some of those are Social Media websites.  I am constantly switching back and forth between sites as they notify me I have things to read.  Social Media fits between other activities all day long, and is in itself a part of my day on a daily basis.

7. Do you have a story of how social media enabled you to connect with a long lost relation or fellow  researcher?

No.  Social Media for me is always secondary (at least so far).  I meet people in person, then if desired make the Social Media connection with them. 

8. You have a minute to share a piece of advice about genealogy and social media. Go for it.

Be extremely careful of what you post - it will be there forever.

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