Sunday, March 3, 2013

On This Day - March 3rd

On This Day...

1655 - Birth: Sarah Pearson, Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts
1664 - Birth: Thomas Coleman, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1753 - Marriage: William I. McPherson and Phoebe Passmore,
1753 - Birth: Ann Higginbotham, Goochland County, (now Amherst County), Virginia
1782 - Birth: Jane "Jennie" Satterwhite Higginbotham, Goochland County, (now Amherst County), Virginia
1783 - Marriage: Laurent Baudreau Dit Graveline and Elizabeth Daniel Gelineau, Longueuil, Champlain, Quebec, Canada
1783 - Birth: George Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1783 - Birth: Francois Xavier Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1783 - Birth: Emelie Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1783 - Birth: Eloenore Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1783 - Birth: Andre Baudreau Dit Graveline,
1807 - Death: Peter Martin, Clay Village, Shelby County, Kentucky
1828 - Birth: Nancy Dark, Orange County, North Carolina
1835 - Birth: John Christian James, Lawrence County, Mississippi
1843 - Birth: Thomas Cosmo Bourn, Sailing vessel Cosmo, Atlantic Ocean
1851 - Marriage: Laurent Beaudreau and Sophia Regnier Dit Brion, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
1851 - Marriage: Laurent Beaudreau and Anrihet Leduc, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
1862 - Birth: James Lawrence Dark, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1916 - Death: Elizabeth Jane Roberson, Crawford County, Indiana
1918 - Marriage: Joseph Edward Lommel and Gertrude Valeria Lommel, Saint Wendelin Catholic Church, Luxemburg, Stearns County, Minnesota
1919 - Death: Mayme Wilson, Crawford County, Indiana
1944 - Birth: Michael Aloysius Koltes, Pearl Lake, Stearns County, Minnesota
1984 - Death: Raymond William Keppers, Stearns, Minnesota
2000 - Death: Lessie Mae McMurry, Hallsville, Harrison County, Texas
2003 - Death: Willie Virginia Dark, Ferriday, Concordia Parish, Louisiana

Is that quadruplets born in 1783?!  I don’t know.  I have the names and dates, but no source documents as they were in Canada, and I don’t have access to any Canada repositories at the moment.  This line needs further research at some point.

UPDATE 10/19/2013: As I've gone through these posts, I keep looking at the 1918/1919 death dates for possible Influenza Epidemic victims.  I recently found an obituary for Mayme A. (Wilson) Dillman that claims she died of influenza on this date, and that her husband Ernest E. Dillman died of it the following day.  It also states that all four of their daughters had it, but survived, and were taken in my Ernest's parents, Joseph and Nettie Dillman.

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