Thursday, March 14, 2013

On This Day - March 14th

On This Day...

1772 - Death: Anna Catharina Laubach, Neuhutten, Germany
1804 - Death: Rachel Bliss,
1821 - Birth: Daughter Roberson, Crawford County, Indiana
1836 - Birth: Benjamin Roberson, Crawford County, Indiana
1841 - Christen: Ingebjorg Marie Gjermundsdatter, Lardal, Norway
1871 - Birth: Darius Smith, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1888 - Death: (Female Infant) Dillman,
1888 - Birth: (Female Infant) Dillman,
1889 - Birth: Helena Holthaus, Wakefield Township, Stearns County, Minnesota
1923 - Arrival: Clarence Leroy Whitman, Boston, Massachusetts
1931 - Death: John H. Cox, Cape Sandy, Crawford County, Indiana
1951 - Arrival: James Freiberger, New York, New York
1994 - Death: William Russell Gaar, Gaar's Mill, Winn Parish, Louisiana

1888 has another tragedy of a baby born dead, or dying shortly after birth.  Modern medicine has made this a much more rare occurrence.  Anyone doing genealogy will have seen far too many examples of this.  This one is in my line, and I have visited the gravesite for this infant in Crawford County, Indiana.

Happy Pi Day!

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