Friday, May 10, 2013

On This Day - May 10th

On This Day...

1694 - Birth: Eunice Foote, Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut
1729 - Alternate Birth: Abraham Hite, Germantown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
1729 - Birth: Abraham Hite, Perkiomen, Chester County, Pennsylvania
1767 - Marriage: Silas Olmstead and Lydia Sloan, Weston, Fairfield County, Connecticut
1780 - Birth: Asa Austin, Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
1801 - Death: Anna Maria Fenstermacher,
1806 - Birth: Jacob Wiseman, Nelson, Kentucky, USA
1808 - Death: Benjamin Day,
1826 - Birth: Mathias Lommel, Com. Petange, D'Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
1843 - Birth: William C. Froman, Indiana
1844 - Marriage: James Day,
1893 - Birth: Peter Hubert Ludwig, Minnesota
1893 - Death: Harriet Miller, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
1918 - Birth: Louise Stoner, Orange County, Indiana
2921 - Marriage: Nicholas John Kremer and Edwina Froehle, Stearns County, Minnesota

Wait - 2921?!  How can I possibly have data on a marriage a thousand years into the future?  Obviously this was a typographical error, and should probably be 1921.  I will have to verify and correct it. 

You might wonder why I post these lists with the errors intact, and in fact highlight many of them.  Well, it's to serve as an example that everyone's data has errors in it.  You will never have an error-free database.  The best you can do is continually work to fix errors when you find them.  Some of the errors are not even your fault!  I sometimes find in later research that an earlier source I found and used had mistakes in it. 

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