Thursday, May 2, 2013

On This Day - May 2nd

On This Day...

1695 - Birth: Benjamin Morgan, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
1800 - Birth: Esther Olmstead, Wilton, Fairfield County, Connecticut
1823 - Birth: Anrihet Beaudreau,
1827 - Birth: Charles S. Myers, Missouri
1856 - Birth: James Matthew Boyett,
1860 - Death: Frances Westfall, Crawford County, Indiana
1882 - Death: Margaritte Degrand, Hupperdingen, Luxembourg
1886 - Birth: Edith Adeline Nelson, Waintown, Montgomery County, Indiana
1888 - Birth: Wade Alexander Singletary,
1898 - Birth: Henry A. Steichen, Pearl Lake, Stearns County, Minnesota
1901 - Birth: Mathilda M. Ellenbecker, Minnesota
1906 - Birth: Alphonse Henry Kremer, Watkins, Stearns County, Minnesota
1923 - Death: Martha Calhoun James, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1923 - Death: Cynthia Matilda James, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1975 - Death: Redrick Manard Singletary, Bladen County, North Carolina
1989 - Death: Minnie Hoeschen, Minnesota
2001 - Death: Agnes Mary Helen Steichen, Litchfield, Meeker County, Minnesota

1923 - Two deaths in the same family?  I don't know the story here, it would be interesting to find out what happened to the James women.  I happen to be in contact with Mr. Gregg Davies of Winn Parish, LA, who is a phenomenal resource for Winn Parish history.  He appears to know everyone and almost everything that ever happened there.  I shall have to inquire about this and see if he knows the story. 

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