Friday, May 3, 2013

On This Day - May 3rd

On This Day...

1767 - Alternate Birth: Mary McPherson, Orange County, North Carolina
1767 - Birth: Mary McPherson, Orange County, North Carolina
1860 - Birth: Almeda Elizabeth Hatten,
1883 - Birth: Joseph Kilian Kunkel, Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa
1886 - Death: James Bourn, South Villa, Vale of Health, Hampstead, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
1897 - Birth: Pinckney Lee Dark, Winnfield, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1898 - Birth: Alice May Beaudreau, Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota
1898 - Residence: Bert Mederick Beaudreau, Beadle, South Dakota
1898 - Residence: Erminnie Thurston, Beadle, South Dakota
1908 - Birth: Albert Mathew Lommel, Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota
1915 - Death: Imogene Bumpas McQueen,
1919 - Death: Helena Holthaus, Kimball, Stearns County, Minnesota
1955 - Death: Ella Belle James, Norwood, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
1983 - Death: Mary Krueger,

1767 - Why do I have a Birth and an Alternate Birth entry for this person?  Both are the same date, both appear to be the same place.  It should be just one entry, right?  I will have to check, and maybe do some cleanup on her entry.

One thing about doing this kind of blog post series, it sure highlights where you have issues in your data!  And now every one of you gets to see it, too...  

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