Saturday, January 29, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal genealogy - Week 5, Favorite Foods

I remember meals when I was growing up to be a mix of midwestern meat & potatoes type meals, with an injection of southern style cooking.  My father is from near Huron, South Dakota, thus the meat & potatoes.  My mother is from Louisiana, whence the southern style.   I was a very picky eater as a child, and stubborn, to boot!  My poor mother ended up cooking what I'm sure she felt was bland, repetitive meals that I would eat, as I was able to out-stubborn her in refusing to eat things I didn't like (or thought I didn't like).  It turns out there is some basis for me and other picky eaters - see this somewhat technical article on Supertasters at Wikipedia and this one at CNN.  What I find interesting is that each article talks about foods that supertasters find repulsive, and I like some of what's on each list, but don't like much of what's on most of the lists.  Odd, and I digress.

My favorite food was (and still is) beef steak.  Preferably grilled.  My father likes to grill a steak into shoe leather, and I grew up eating steaks cooked this way.  Only after I got older, moved out on my own and started grilling my own steaks did I realize what I had been missing!  I still don't go less than a medium by choice, but at that point they are still juicy and flavorful.  And I've grown used to family comments about the meat still mooing at me when I cut into it.  

I've enlarged the range of foods I eat as I've grown older and tried new things, though most people would still call me a picky eater.  One thing I've also acquired is heartburn, with several notable triggers.  Unfortunately, some of those triggers are things I like to eat!  I don't see how that's fair, whoever decided to invent heartburn!

What are your favorite foods?  Are you a Supertaster?  Discuss in the comments below!