Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow Friday - Genealogy's Star

Being new to blogging, I'm also pretty new to reading blogs with any regularity or quantity.  It's one of several shifts I'm undergoing in the way I take in news and information recently.  Some of you are probably wondering what kind of Luddite I am, not having read blogs... 

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend to you one of the genealogy blogs I have started following on a regular (read: daily) basis: Genealogy's Star.  It's written by James Tanner, a triple geek.  He's a law geek, a computer geek and a genealogy geek.  (I'm not sure he'll appreciate me calling him a geek, though!)  He volunteers at the Family History Center in Mesa, AZ, by assisting patrons and teaching genealogy classes.

James writes about legal and ethical aspects of genealogy, as well as technology as applied to genealogical research.  While I've not agreed 100% with everything he's written, he is often thought-provoking and never dull!  I strongly recommend you go take a look and add Genealogy's Star to your follow list.