Saturday, January 29, 2011

Surname Saturday - Dillman

I realize I covered the Dillman name in my first Surname Saturday, but I wanted to try it in the style that Randy Seaver of  Genea-Musings does.  I'm not following his whole countdown process, just doing this one post.  Here goes:

My ancestral line back through seven generations is as follows:

1. Daniel G. Dillman.

2. Dana E. Dillman (Living)
3. Eva L. Williams (Living)

4. Estel E. Dillman (1908 - 1982)
5. Alta May Day (1910 - 1992)

8. Clyde Taylor Dillman (1886 - 1967)
9. Arminthia Belle Wiseman (1886 - 1920)

16. Peter Dillman (1833 - 1899)
17. Elizabeth D. Landiss (1834 - 1908)

32. Michael Dillman (1810 - 1879)
33. Cynthia Batman (1809 - 1878)

55. Johann Michael Dillmann (1755 - 1821)
56. Maria Elisabeth Eva Legrand (abt. 1760 - bef. 1830)

I should note that there is a missing level in here as #8 Clyde Taylor Dillman is actually the grandson of #16 Peter Dillman through his daughter  Jemimah Hattie Dillman and her husband John Straughan as noted in this Tombstone Tuesday post.  It's complicated, and I'll do my best to lay out the details when I cover Clyde Taylor Dillman down the road.

This method does have the advantage of presenting the lineage and some timing for the surname.  My original method planned to do one level per post, and that has the disadvantage of only seeing the line in one-level snapshots, but has the added advantage of presenting much more detail on each level.  I think I prefer the added detail of doing one level per post.  Now that I've presented the line as a whole, I will continue with the more detailed posting.

Michael Dillman was born in Ohio on 28 Dec 1810, and died 13 Jun 1879 in Crawford County, Indiana of rheumatism.  He is buried in Dillman Cemetary, Curby, Crawford County, Indiana (Row 9 Plot 4) and his tombstone was featured in an earlier Tombstone Tuesday alongside his wife, Cynthia (Cyntha) Batman.  Cynthia was born 20 Feb 1809 in Harrison County, Indiana and died 16 Jan 1878 in Crawford County, Indiana.  The two were married on 08 Oct 1831 in Harrison County, Indiana.  More details about Michael is in the aforementioned Tombstone Tuesday post.