Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Indiana Dillmans - Welcome!

As the label says, this blog will be about Indiana Dillmans, people with the Dillman surname who lived primarily in Indiana.  I don't live in Indiana, but most of my Dillman ancestors lived in and near Crawford County in southern Indiana. I have visited the area several times for research purposes, mostly cemetery visits. This is my family history. 

In addition, I will talk about sources, tools and tips I've come across in my years of researching my family history in hopes they will be of some use to others.  I've been working on this since the mid-80's when I caught the bug from my grandmother.  At that time, it was all talking to living relatives, checking their Bibles and other family documents, and visiting courthouses and other repositories of information and records.  Fortunately for genealogists, things have improved, and I will talk more about that in future posts.

Again, welcome, and I hope you find this a useful source of information in your genealogy and family history endeavors!