Friday, March 4, 2011

Fearless Females - Marriage Records

March 4 — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

Alas, marriage records are documents I do not yet have for my grandparents or great-grandparents.  Even marriage photos are scarce.  I do have this one of my paternal grandparents:

Estel Elmer Dillman and Alta May Day, married 02 Feb 1931 in Beadle County, South Dakota.
Estel and Alta were married in Beadle County, South Dakota, probably in Huron.  Alta lived with her father at Sheffield, a few miles away, and after they were wed, the couple built a small house on the south end of the Clyde W. Day farm at Sheffield.   They lived in that house until WWII when Estel re-enlisted in the Navy, and Alta moved back in with her father.  The little house was torn down to re-use the materials.

The picture was hand colored by my grandmother.  She did that with a number of portraits, more of which I will be sharing in future posts.