Saturday, March 5, 2011

Surname Saturday - Listing

I thought I'd try something a little different for this Surname Saturday.  Usually I'll pick someone and feature that family.  This time I'm going to list the major surnames I'm researching, and in what locations I am searching.  Even though the name of the blog is Indiana Dillmans, like most genealogists I'm actually researching a rather large number of surnames, both in my family and on my spouses side as well.

Austin - Massachusetts
Batman - Indiana
Beaudreau - Quebec, Canada
Boyett - Louisiana
Branch - Louisiana
Brister - Louisiana
Dark/Darke - Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina
Day - England, Connecticut, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota
Dillman - Indiana, Kentucky?, Ohio, Germany
Hengel - Minnesota, Luxembourg
Lommel - Minnesota, Luxembourg
McMurry - Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio?
McQueen - Louisiana
Theisen - Minnesota, Germany
Thurston - South Dakota, Wisconsin, Maine, UK
Williams - Louisiana

Of course, that's just a small portion of my full list of surnames, but these are the ones I am most actively searching for.   This listing includes names from both my side and my wife's line as well.  Do you have these same names, in the same places?  Maybe we connect!  Holler in the comments and I'll be happy to compare notes a bit closer to see if we match up.