Friday, March 4, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Peter A. Theisen

Peter A. Theisen Funeral Card

This week we have the funeral card for Peter Adam Theisen, my wife's paternal grandfather.  I never met Peter, he died well before I started dating my wife.  She did get to know him before he died.

Interesting things about this card: The scalloped edges are unusual in the collection I have.  It's not printed, it's actually pressed into the paper giving a 3-D pattern.  At the bottom we see:

It's interesting that the product was imported from Italy when it could easily have been done here in the United States.  It's also interesting in that of all of the cards I have, I think this is the only one that is labeled as to where it was printed.  The reverse side has artwork as usual:

Two selections of highly symbolized art.  For being Jewish, these Joseph and Mary images are two of the whitest people I've seen.  But then, a huge amount of Christian art has been very westernized in style, so picking on these cards in particular seems petty.  That might be fodder for a very different blog.

Funeral Card Friday is a genealogy meme created by Dee Welborn of Funeral Cards & Genealogy and has been an ongoing series in the Geneablogger community.  If you're interested in funeral cards, I strongly recommend you visit her blog!  (Blurb shamelessly stolen from Thomas McEntee at Geneabloggers!)