Monday, January 14, 2013

On This Day - Jan 14th

On This Day...

1617 - Alternate Birth: Elizabeth Foote, England
1618 - Baptism: Elizabeth Foote, St. James Parish Church, Colchester, Essex, England
1620 - Birth: Sarah Burt, Harberton, Devon, England
1660 - Death: Thomas Welles, Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut
1730 - Alternate Death: Thomas Day, Colchester, New London County, Connecticut
1738 - Birth: Joannes Steichen, Kehlen, Capellen, Luxembourg
1780 - Birth: Elizabeth Higginbotham, Amherst County, Virginia
1838 - Birth: Mathias I. Beaudreau, Canada
1844 - Birth: Thomas Jefferson James, Lawrence County, Mississippi
1852 - Birth: Mary Ann Payne, Wabash County, Illinois
1861 - Birth: Anna Gertrudis Pflueger, Wallenborn, Eifel, Germany
1873 - Death: Ann Eliza Austin, Sheffield, Lorain County, Ohio
1883 - Death: Joannes Pflüger, Wallenborn, Eifel, Germany
1885 - Birth: Archie Davis Williams, Indiana
1908 - Death: William Landiss,
1910 - Birth: Elga L. Sikes, Gaar's Mill, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1916 - Death: Wiley Washington Boyett, Louisiana
1941 - Death: Rebecca Frances Denbo, Dubois County, Indiana
1965 - Death: Theresa Theisen,
1967 - Death: Clyde Taylor Dillman, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
1969 - Death: Susan Weber, Spring Valley, California
1979 - Death: William Perkins Wright, Jackson, East Feliciana, Louisiana, United States of America

Clyde Taylor Dillman, the 1967 entry above, was my paternal great grandfather.  I never met him, in fact he abandoned his family back in about 1920, which lead to a huge rift.  Anecdotal family history says he came back at one point and tried to visit, but was run off. 

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