Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On This Day - Jan 1st

On This Day...

1699 - Burial: Lawrence Copeland, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
1753 - Birth: Moses Bliss, Chicopee, Hampden County, Massachusetts
1758 - Birth: David Smith, Granby, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1786 - Birth: Johann Adam Hartmann, Bingen, Mainz-Bingen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
1791 - Birth: James Austin, Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
1802 - Birth: Melinda Emeline Brown, North Carolina
1802 - Birth: Rebecca Denbo, Nelson County, Kentucky
1803 - Birth: Andrew Blake,
1848 - Birth: Charles Martin Bolfing, Switzerland
1873 - Birth: Margaret Kremer, Gonderange, Luxembourg
1879 - Death: John Brown Higginbotham, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
1883 - Birth: Joannes Pflüger, Wallenborn, Eifel, Germany
1884 - Birth: Infant East, Crawford County, Indiana
1902 - Birth: John J. Zwilling, Morris, Minnesota
1903 - Birth: Conrad A. Krueger, Cold Spring, Stearns County, Minnesota
1904 - Death: Susannah Rodgers, Winnfield, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1909 - Marriage: Clyde J. Wyman Day and Ida May Thurston, Sheffield, Cavour County, South Dakota
1944 - Death: Sarah Halvorsdatter Omdahl, Polk County, Minnesota
1972 - Death: Mathilda M. Ellenbecker, Wright, Minnesota


 Good day, and welcome to the new year! As I write this it is still late December 2012, but from your perspective it is January 1st or later of at least 2013.  As I mentioned (will mention) in my Dec 31st post, the purpose of these posts is Cousin Bait - for people who will be searching on the names in the lists at some later point in time.  So, it may be that you are finding this years (perhaps many years, as digital media is theoretically good forever!) after I wrote it, or you may be one of my regular blog readers catching it as it posts initially. 

Either way, I started writing these posts in November of 2012, so I have months to go to fulfill the goal of one post for every day.  As always, I welcome your contacts in the Comments on this post.  I will be notified, and I do respond.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or information you have about any of the names I post in these lists!

Happy New Year!

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