Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thurston Thursday - Jennifer Lucille Thurston

Thurston Thursday...

Jennifer Lucille Thurston Myers b. 10 Apr 1873 Wisconsin, d. 11 Apr 1957 Washington
 Jennie was the fifth of nine children of Alfred Mellin Thurston and Barbara Ann Messing Thurston.  The Thurstons lives in Knowlton, Marathon County, Wisconsin at that time, but would later move to Hyde and Beadle counties in South Dakota for several years.  She married Walter E. Myers and they lived in the Seattle, Washington area for many years.  They had four children, three boys and a girl. 

This photo was taken by my maternal grandmother, Alta May Day, on her trip out west to visit her Thurston relatives who had moved out there years earlier.  It was shot on 120 roll film in black and white.  The frame was part of a shoebox of negatives she left to me, all sorted by year in envelopes.  The negatives are all printed and included in a stack of photo albums also left to me, with notes as to who, where and when the images were taken. 

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