Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On This Day - September 10th

On This Day...

1617 - Death: Henry Burt, Harberton, Devon, England
1630 - Burial: Frances Slany, Fairstead, Essex, England
1630 - Death: Frances Slany, Fairstead, Essex, England
1800 - Birth: John Wiseman, Nelson County, Kentucky
1859 - Death: Anrihet Beaudreau, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
1866 - Death: Sarah Ann Missouri Crain,
1869 - Birth: Henry Middendorf, Germany
1886 - Death: Elizabeth Straughan, Crawford County, Indiana
1892 - Birth: Albert Milton Wiseman, Indiana
1905 - Birth: Aurelia Ruth Willenbring, Richmond, Stearns County, Minnesota
2002 - Unspecified: Eula A. Maloy, United States

Unspecified?  Apparently Eula had an event of some sort on this date.  What was it?  I'd have to go back and dig through the data to find out.  At some point, I should do that anyway, to clean up my database.

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