Friday, September 13, 2013

On This Day - September 13th

On This Day...

1685 - Birth: Johnathan Morgan, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
1713 - Christen: Magdalena Hite, Kingston, Ulster County, New York
1790 - Birth: William Higginbotham, Amherst County, Virginia
1807 - Alternate Birth: Julia Elizabeth 'Judy' Loflin, Georgia
1819 - Birth: Lydia Austin, Sheffield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts
1846 - Birth: Maria Catharina Wagner, Prussia
1850 - Death: William Landiss, Temple, Crawford County, Indiana
1907 - Death: Graham Straughan, Union City, Gibson, Indiana
1907 - Death: James M. Straughan, Union Township
1907 - Death: James M. Straughan, Gibson, Indiana
1911 - Death: John Carnes,
1933 - Marriage: Homer J. McMurry and Cassyle D. Howard,
1939 - Alternate Death: John Watry, Grant County, Minnesota
1939 - Death: John Watry, Tintah, Traverse County, Minnesota
1983 - Death: John Nickolas Watry, Grant County, Minnesota
1988 - Death: Leona Cecilia Kasper,
2011 - Death: Patsy Mcmurry, Winnfield, Winn, Louisiana

John Watry, was it Grant or Traverse county?  I know it's right on the line, but could you be more specific?

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