Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On This Day - September 23rd

On This Day...

1651 - Birth: Mary Bliss, Simsbury, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut
1656 - Alternate Death: Elizabeth Smith, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1667 - Birth: Hannah Butler, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut
1690 - Death: John Wallis, Gloucester, Massachusetts
1833 - Birth: Aaron Crane, Tennessee
1853 - Birth: Frances Elizabeth Miller, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah
1876 - Marriage: Anthony Duclos and Barbara Rosenbaum, Saint Lucas, Fayette County, Iowa
1883 - Birth: Estella Dillman, Indiana
1922 - Marriage: Rolland Clifton Adsitt and Leah Bobby Dillman, Centralia, Spokane County, Washington
1943 - Death: Catherine Dietrich, Stearns County, Minnesota
1963 - Death: Charles Sylvester Smith, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1967 - Birth: Kathy Jo Hengel, Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota

Recall I mentioned that for privacy reasons, I am not including data for people living, or reasonably assumed to be still living?  Yeah.  The 1967 entry is sad for that reason.

Also, apologies for the late posting.

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