Saturday, September 14, 2013

On This Day - September 14th

On This Day...

1666 - Death: Joanne Foote,
1777 - Birth: Valentine Bieber,
1824 - Birth: Sarah Ann Straughan, Grantsburg, Crawford County, Indiana
1824 - Birth: Graham Straughan, Grantsburg, Crawford County, Indiana
1828 - Marriage: James Sheckles and Nancy Ellen Jones, Crawford County, Indiana
1831 - Birth: Frances America Gresham, Jones County, Georgia
1864 - Marriage: Joshua C. Forbes and Malinda J. Dillman, Crawford County, Indiana
1880 - Birth: Louella Dark, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1897 - Birth: Stella Margaret Keppers, Avon, Stearns County, Minnesota
1928 - Death: Hans Andrew Frogh, Wright, Minnesota
1935 - Death: Sarah Ann Elizabeth Gaar,
1946 - Death: Martin Killian Kunkel, Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa
1946 - Death: Cora Belinda Jones, Franklin Parish, Louisiana
1948 - Death: Chesterfield Merriwether, Milltown, Crawford County, Indiana
1982 - Death: Caroline Susan Keppers, Monticello, Wright County, Minnesota
1997 - Death: Homer J. McMurry, Rocky Branch, Union, Louisiana, United States
1999 - Death: Irma Hall, Dubach, Lincoln, Louisiana, United States of America

I think I've mentioned this before, but you might be wondering why there are no recent births in these lists.  I am doing my best to protect the privacy of living folks by not including their data in them.  That is, if the list includes someone I know or reasonably believe to be living, I remove the birth date from the list for that day.  I had to remove a couple from today's list, which reminded me to discuss it.  By "reasonably believe" I usually use 100 years as a guideline unless I otherwise know that the person has died.  This means I'm probably cutting out a few folks who could have stayed in the lists, but I prefer to err on the side of caution. 

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