Friday, February 11, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Barbara Notch

Barbara Notch funeral card inside view

This week's funeral card presents me with a challenge.  You see, I don't have any idea who she is.  She's not in any way attached to the family that I have been able to discover.  And yet she was in with a box of family funeral cards.

It's possible she got placed in there by mistake.  It's possible she was a family friend of one or more people many years ago.  It's even possible this is a random card that somehow made its way into the stack.  I'll be asking a few people in the near future to see if maybe she was attached to the family somewhere I don't yet have data to confirm.  This will be on my wife's side, of course, as my family never had any funeral cards that I ever saw.

Here's the artwork from the outside of the card:

Barbara Notch funeral card outside view
One could do a study on the symbolism in the artwork of funeral cards, I think!  Specific colors used, poses chosen, halos or not, props, etc. all hold some symbolism.  I'll make it a point to include the artwork side of every card I post.  They're as interesting as the insides, I think!

Funeral Card Friday is a genealogy meme created by Dee Welborn of Funeral Cards & Genealogy and has been an ongoing series in the Geneablogger community.  If you're interested in funeral cards, I strongly recommend you visit her blog!