Monday, February 14, 2011

Mappy Monday - Saint Cloud, Minnesota 1869

Aerial View of St. Cloud, MN dated 1869. View is from east side of Mississippi River looking west.

Here's an interesting variant map.  It's a hand drawn aerial view of the city from what would be an implausible altitude for a tethered balloon, the only possible method at the time for getting a true aerial view.  The lake in the background is Lake George, which has since been reduced to about 1/3 that size.  I live in the vicinity of the lake, in what in this picture is undeveloped semi-forest.  The St. Cloud Normal School would be along the riverbank on the left in this view, and downtown St. Cloud would be the heavier clustered buildings in the middle right, just left of the bridge.  This is another map I acquired back in the mists of time, and failed to record credit.  If you know where it came from, I'd love to know so I can credit the people responsible!

Mappy Monday – Do maps, deeds and land records factor in to your family history? Join us for Mappy Monday where you can post map images and how they relate to your research or discuss other aspects of land ownership and your ancestors. Several members of GeneaBloggers suggested this type of theme and in fact Holly Spencer of Ravenna Area Historical Society Blog has been using this theme since March 2009.  (This blurb cheerfully stolen from Thomas McEntee at Geneabloggers!)