Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Double My Fun! (And Workload)

Last Sunday was the January Scanfest.  It was my first, and I was enjoying the conversation immensely.  Some of you may have noticed, but about 2/3 of the way through it I dropped off the face of the Earth as far as conversation and contribution goes, though I was still connected and listed as being there.  What happened?

I got a treasure literally dumped in my lap.  My wife came home from her parents' house and handed me a large box full of photos, albums, newspaper clippings, etc.  Those of you who've been patient enough to read here will be thinking I'm repeating myself, or it's deja vu.  No, this was a SECOND box full of pictures and albums, from a family with a history of telling me they had no old family photos or information. 

I have nearly finished scanning the useful stuff from the first big box, with the exception of a scrapbook of obituaries and other news clippings, and an old photo album I need to take the time to be very careful with as it is fragile.  I was preparing to bring that box back to my in-laws so they can store it away (and, frankly, to get it out of my way, as my house doesn't have copious amounts of storage space.)  I guess I can still do that part, and should before I forget.  I tend to acquire physical records and forget to return them for long periods.  I rarely check books out of the library because they insist I BRING THEM BACK!  And in fairly short order, as well.  Oh, and this reminds me, I have an envelope full of photos from my mother which I must also return...  *sigh*

So now I guess I have my work cut out for me.  Many of the photos are nice old portraits and wedding photos stored nicely in heavy card stock "frames".  They go quickly, as they scan cleanly, and stack up to look like more work than they are, due to the card stock.  There's another old album in this group, and it's in rough shape.  I know they won't care if I'm careful with it, but the photographer and researcher in me won't let me rush this one.  I'm not going to try to restore the album, as it's not mine, and I didn't discuss that sort of work.  Oh, and one other item, there's a large "cookie tin" full of loose material.  Including unsleeved negatives! *faint*

Have you ever had this sort of treasure dropped on you?  How did you handle it?  Answer in the Comments below!