Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday - Genealogy For Kids

This Friday, I'm recommending you follow Jennifer Holik-Urban's Genealogy For Kids blog. 

Yes, I've already recommended her blog in a previous Follow Friday. 

Still, I very often find myself reading the posts on this blog that is supposedly "for kids", and finding that the tips and suggestions are very valid for any genealogy researcher, not just kids.  It just happens to be phrased in a way that makes it easier for kids to comprehend and use.  She frequently adds links to forms or databases kids can use (which usually means free) to start their own family trees.  I've made use of several of these in the recent past.

If you saw the "For Kids" part and thought it wasn't worth checking out, I urge you to reconsider and take a look.  Even if you don't use it yourself, you might know a young person who is interested in family history.  Indeed, kids are our future, as genealogists should well know!  The more we get them interested and involved now, the more likely they will continue the tradition later in life.

Follow Friday – create a post in which you recommend another genealogy blogger, a specific blog post, a genealogy website or a genealogy resource. Tell us why they are important to the genealogy community and why we should follow.  Follow Friday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers and was suggested by Earline Bradt of Ancestral Notes.   (Blurb shamelessly stolen from Thomas McEntee at Geneabloggers!)