Monday, April 4, 2011

Maritime Monday - Navy Log Pictures Pt. 3

I'll continue with some of the photographs included in Estel Dillman's Navy Log.

 Occasionally when the ship is in port, it is allowed to bring visitors on board to show them around, let them see how life on a ship looks.   Usually this is strictly in port, but there are also special micro cruises where visitors might get to spend the night on board.  When I was aboard USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) we would have an annual Tiger Cruise where family members (usually boys for a father-son type outing) would come aboard and we would steam out for a day or two and return.  Since I had no children while I was enlisted, I never had guests on board ship.  As you can see by a few of these, this tradition of allowing occasional visitors goes a long way back.  Women were not allowed in the Navy at that time, so obviously they must be visiting.

Such cruises have to be done in relatively mild weather, especially on the smaller ships like the destroyers Estel rode on.  Even relatively small waves can get them really rocking!  A couple of these pictures show the ship tilted at a fairly large angle to the horizon, and I know from talking with other "small boy" sailors that they often deal with 30 degree lists and more.  To contrast that, the heaviest list I recall dealing with on USS Kennedy was 6 degrees.  To be fair, when you're a mobile airport, you want to be as level as possible for aircraft operations, and the carriers are a lot larger to begin with.

As the comics got some response last time, I'll include another one: