Monday, April 18, 2011

Maritime Monday - Navy Log Pictures Pt. 4

Shipmates.  The guys serving alongside you, people you depend on to do their job, as they depend on you to do yours.  Working together, it's a team that can make or break a ship's effectiveness in battle.  You don't get to choose your shipmates.  Just like any group of people thrown together, some will not get along well.  In the confines of a small ship like a destroyer, this can make life interesting.

Fortunately, my grandfather appears to have had a number of good friends aboard his ships, and he took some pictures of those guys to include in his album.


In addition, the front of the logbook has a number of pages dedicated to listing shipmates and their homes, plus comments.  This could help people keep in touch later, as military life is always moving people around, and having a permanent contact address can help if you lose someone after a move.

Memory leaves

Looking at the images above, we see A. H. Dugan pictured in the center of the snapshots, and also listed on the Memory Leaves sheet.  Now we know Mr. Dugan was from Randolph, Kansas.  He shows up in a number of other snapshots in the album, so I'm pretty sure he was one of grandpa's better buddies aboard ship during his first enlistment.  (See the date, 9/19/1929 above).  Grandpa re-enlisted during World War II after about a decade of civilian life, and served for the duration.

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