Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Calendar - Dec 15th

December 15 – The Holiday Happenings!
Often times December to mid-January birthdays and anniversaries get over shadowed by the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year holidays. So we’re going to shine a spotlight on those family members and ancestors this time around. Select one or more December to mid-January birthdays and/or anniversaries on your family tree. Write a short tribute to or memory of those birthday guys and gals and write a toast to the anniversary couples.

There aren't many close relatives with either birthdays or anniversaries even close to Christmas.  In fact, only one comes to mind readily, my middle son.

His birthday is December 9th, rather close to Christmas, and we do what we can to keep it from being overshadowed.  Most years when he was younger, we had a birthday party with cake and presents, and grandparents and godparents attending.  More recently, we've gone out to a restaurant of his choice, with similar attendance when possible. 

One benefit to him is that he is often given the choice of separate birthday and Christmas presents by people, or a larger, combined gift.  Having asked him about it on a few occasions, he does not seem to feel slighted by having a birthday so close to Christmas.

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