Monday, December 3, 2012

New Doxie Go Scanner - Portable and Wireless!

Many of you genealogy types like to carry a scanner with you when you go on research trips, and for good reason.  A scanner lets you get a digital copy of documents you come across, without having to pay for photocopies.  Great idea - saves time, saves money, saves paper!  Many of you like to Flip Pal scanner, and I must admit it looks like an attractive unit.  But how you do get those scans into a computer?  Cables.  And you need to have that computer with you.  Extra gear, extra weight to carry...

Enter the Doxie Go portable scanner.  This is an updated version of an earlier product.  The new attraction is the ability to go completely cordless, to transfer those files to your computer via wireless (wi-fi) signal by using an Eye-Fi SD card adapter.   The scanner does have internal memory, and can save up to 600 pages to upload to a computer later if you don't have access to wi-fi. 

I did say completely cordless, didn't I?  Yes.  The Doxie Go can run from batteries so you don't need a power cable.  Charging takes about 2 hours, and the unit is good for about 100 scans on a full charge. so unless you have a major research trip planned, you can leave the power cord at home.  The Eye-Fi card does use some power, and reduces the overall number of scans that can be done on a full charge, but the unit should still be sufficient for most research excursions.  The scanner is about the size of a pair of  large staplers, so it can be stashed in a large purse or laptop bag.  It handles paper up to A4 width and legal size or more in length.  It scans at up to 600dpi and saves to JPG, PNG and PDF formats.  Cost of the scanner is about $200 and is available from Amazon or direct from Doxie.

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