Saturday, December 1, 2012

On This Day - Dec 1

On This Day...

1674 - Birth: Margaret Foote, Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts
1783 - Marriage: Francis Higginbotham and Dolly Gatewood, Amherst County, Virginia
1809 - Birth: Kendrick Kimball Kinney, South Hero, Grand Isle County, Vermont
1818 - Birth: Phillip Wiseman, Crawford County, Indiana
1828 - Birth: Rebecca Edwards Booker, Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
1868 - Death: Francis Neoma Branch, Winn Parrish, LA
1908 - Death: Peter Theisen, Cold Spring, Stearns County, Minnesota
1916 - Death: Bernard Riedeman,
1923 - Death: Margeret Krueger,
1951 - Marriage: Warren Harlan Luedtke and Dorothy Vivian Orcutt, Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts
1966 - Death: Frank Stephen Krueger, Cold Spring, Stearns County, Minnesota
1971 - Death: Zita Krueger, Winsted, McLeod County, Minnesota
1979 - Death: Norman Harold Nickens, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Prairieville, Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Last time I asked what tool you are using / would use to do a list of this type.  I neglected to say what I am currently using.  I am using the On This Day report from Roots Magic 5.    It's okay, but I'd like to be able to format it a bit better automatically.  I could manually do this, but I'd have to do it each and every day, and right now I don't have sufficient time to make that happen.

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