Saturday, December 15, 2012

Advent Calendar - Dec 16th

December 16 – Christmas at School
What did you or your ancestors do to celebrate Christmas at school? Were you ever in a Christmas Pageant?

I guess that last depends on how one defines "pageant".  If they mean some sort of dramatization, then I don't recall any.  If they mean any sort of concert/show, then yes, I am sure I was in more than one.  Each year there would be little Christmas concerts where parents would come and watch their kids sing and what not.   Usually it was singing some Christmas songs, and so forth.  My memory of this is really vague, probably some sort of attempt to block it out of my memory.

As for my ancestors, I never did ask any of them how they celebrated at school, or even if they did.  I know my paternal grandmother's memoirs contain some descriptions of her time at school, but I don't remember any specifically about Christmas.

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