Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On This Day - Dec 12th

On This Day...

1726 - Death: Mary Gull, Hatfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
1803 - Birth: John Abell, Nelson County, Kentucky
1823 - Marriage: John Landiss and Jane Grey Kinkaid, Crawford, Indiana, United States
1829 - Birth: Benjamin Franklin Denbo, Crawford County, Indiana
1841 - Birth: James M. Belcher, Crawford County, Indiana
1930 - Military Discharge: Estel Elmer Dillman,

Another short list!  Note the last entry, Estel Dillman's military discharge.  This is for his first enlistment.  He will later enlist prior to WWII and serve for the duration.  He was a diesel mechanic (Machinist's Mate) on destroyers in the US Navy.

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