Saturday, December 29, 2012

On This Day - Dec 29th

On This Day...

1210 - Death: Maud De Braose, Llanbodara Vawr
1818 - Birth: Marie-Joseph Lommel, Com. Petange, D'Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
1856 - Birth: Olive Serena Peters, Winn Parish, Louisiana
1864 - Birth: Agnes Bergmann, Dame Oldenberg, Germany
1885 - Death: Evaline Webb, Crawford County, Indiana
1886 - Death: Smithian Boyett,
1888 - Birth: Della A. Sigler, Perry County, Indiana
1888 - Birth: Mary Elizabeth Watry, Luxembourg
1906 - Birth: Mildred Anna Willenbring, Minnesota
1930 - Death: Stephen Rossin Eldridge Dillman, Priest River, Bonner County, Idaho
1932 - Death: Nancy Ada Hudson, Winn Parish, Louisiana

Here we have another example of someone missed in a purge of entries with insufficient data.  Maud De Braose was part of that Welsh aristocratic line I mentioned in an earlier post.  I have no solid evidence to connect my Day (or any other) line to this branch, so please disregard that person and date.  Were some evidence to come to light to connect the lines, it would extend the line back centuries, as this Welsh line is documented, as all royal lines must be, to prove legitimacy of the dynasty. 

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